25 januari 2018

A few weekends back, we went on a couples weekend to Luxembourg city in Luxembourg. Maybe you followed it on my Instagram story? If not, you can still check it out. In this blog you can read what we did during that weekend. Enjoy!

Sidenote: I'm writing it in English so that Cova can enjoy it too. She and Arne were the other couple.

It wasn't such a great idea to explore Luxembourg in January. The sky was grey and there was an icy cold wind. I almost froze my ears and nose off! But it didn't stop us of going out, cuz we are die hard!

We booked a charming duplex apartment on Airbnb right outside the city center. And it really was charming. The duplex was very neat and had the most beautiful floor (check photo). It had plenty of kitchen equipment as well. So that's why, for dinner we made an ovenpasta with minced meat, zucchini, mozzarella and paprika. It was soooooo delicious! Afterwards we played a game called 'Black Stories' and now, you can hire us as private investigators. (The game is available on

Up and down, up and down

We arrived on a Saturday noon at the city center and there was a market going on. Fruits and vegetables as per usual, but also antiques. It was nice to see, but we weren't there to shop. Our main goal was to explore the city and to see what Luxembourg had to offer. So, we navigated our way to the tourist office. They gave us 2 maps, one with a walking tour of the city and the other with the best of Luxembourg.

The city has something picturesque. There were still Christmas lights hanging and that gave a cosy vibe to the promenade (french for walk). During our tour we wanted to visit the famous casemates. Which served as bomb shelters during WW2. We looked for the entrance during our first day. Unfortunately we didn't manage to find it. We had more luck on our second day! The entrance is somewhere next to a bridge and a UNESCO monument. Our luck didn't last for long, because it was closed for some reason (which goes to prove that you can't always trust Google!).

During our search we used the walking tour map as our guide and we found some cute places and a winebar (always a good idea)! We also passed Grund and the National Museum.

On day 2 we visited Musée Drei Eechelen. A tip, don't forget to take your ID and if you have it, a student card with you. Adults under 26 years old and students get a free pass! The museum has a magnificent view at the city from its terrace. It's a beautiful play between architecture and nature. It's really worth a visit. But check beforehand if everything is open in the museum. So you also can enjoy the exhibition.

Overall Luxembourg is worth a visit! But if you don't like the cold weather, than it's better to go on this trip during spring or summer.

Have you ever visit Luxembourg? If yes, what did you think of it?

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